Sinolite Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 1998, engages in business of APIs, Intermediates and Fine chemicals international trade as well as new process / production development under our customers' requirements with the core values of “Integrity, Pioneering, Service”.


NO. Product Name CAS NO
A Abacavir 136470-78-5
A Aceclofenac 89796-99-6
A Amlodipine 88150-42-9
A Alogliptin Benzoate 850649-62-6
A Atorvastatin Calcium 134523-03-8
A Apixaban 503612-47-3
A Azilsartan 147403-03-0
A Azithromycin 83905-01-5
B Benfotiamine 22457-89-2
B Benazepril HCl 109010-60-8
B Brimonidine tartrate 70359-46-5
C Candesartan cilexetil 145040-37-5
C Celecoxib 169590-42-5
C Cefprozil Hydrate 121123-17-9
C Cefpirome sulfate 98753-19-6
C Cilostazole 73963-72-1
C Citicoline sodium 33818-15-4
C Cinacalcet Hydrochloride 81103-11-9
C Clarithromycin 42% micro pill 81103-11-9
C Clinofibrate 30299-08-2