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Individual is limited, while team strength is enormous. we are sourcing employees who are good at communication, cooperative, inter-personal skills.
We are sourcing employees who are good at communication, cooperation, inter-personal skills.
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Document support director

Work place :Hangzhou
Age :Unlimited
Salary :Negotiable
Release date :2019-10-29
work experience :1-3
Education :bachelor degree
Number :2
Effective date :2019-10-29
Job Responsibilities:

Essential responsibilities:

1.  Strong pharmaceutical technology documents translation skills (include oral and written translation).

2.  Questionnaire follow-up and reply.

3.  Pharmaceutical project registration follow-up and assist.

4.  Assist sourcing to do factory audit.

5.  Accompany foreign customer to do audit.

6.  Good understanding of GMP regulation.


Qualifications Required:

1.  Bachelor’s degrees major in chemical engineering or medicine, strong translation ability.

2.  Ability to communicate project and execution. Strong responsibility.

3.  With 8-10 years of experience as QA or QC. With experience in supplier management and auditing.

4.  Good psychological qualification and team spirit

5.   Willingness and ability to travel.